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3 Dimensional Modelling

I use Revit LT for my architectural design and detailing. Revit LT is a 3D BIM platform enabling me to produce high quality architectural drawings and documentation in a model based environment. Unlike AutoCAD which is primarily a drafting tool, Revit is very different and works by using components in a model to represent real-life information.



On completion of the 3D model, Revit allows you to look at the model from any angle and enables you to generate perspective views that would normally take hours to produce by other means. Views can be rendered to showcase your design or be set up to indicate construction detail, thus keeping the whole project on one file.

Inevitably there are often many alterations and changes to be made to a design in the process of getting it just right, Revit simplifies this task allowing you to make the changes to the model in one view which are then visible in all the other views.


Single storey extension


Concept design Рinternal view 


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Log cabin


Proposed dwelling

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